Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Armor Wars theory that has fans buzzing

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This specific theory, introduced in a Reddit thread by u/LittleYellowFish1, hinges on the return of an Iron Man 2 villain named Justin Hammer, played by actor Sam Rockwell. According to the theory, the smarmy, ambitious businessman manages to convince the U.S. government that he’s become a better person and starts working with them again. Claiming it will be used for defense only, Hammer introduces a new and improved design for a suit similar to Stark’s called Firepower. While all of this is happening, Rhodey, as Iron Patriot, would be “tasked with taking down criminals and foreign threats that have developed technology allegedly stolen from Stark’s designs, including Stilt Man, Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man.” Dealing with conflicting feelings after Stark’s death, Rhodey sees it as his responsibility to protect Stark’s technology from those who wish to use it for malicious reasons.

One key aspect of this theory is how it connects to another upcoming series, Ironheart. Armor Wars could easily introduce Riri Williams (to be played by Dominique Thorne) when Rhodey becomes “conflicted when he’s also told to go after younger individuals,” and Williams in particular. Williams’ origin as Ironheart in the comics comes after she reverse-engineers one of Stark’s suits, learning how to build her own. Though their relationship will likely off to a rough start, Rhodey and Williams could develop a mentor-like partnership, which would be very intriguing to see. As it’s unclear whether Ironheart or Armor Wars will be released first, whichever series premieres earlier could smoothly introduce the other through this connecting plotline.

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