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The Archer season 7 character who looks familiar

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On Archer season 7, episode 7, “Double Indecency,” the group’s detective agency receives a call from Donald Zissner (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), a wealthy man with marital problems who wants to hire Sterling and the rest of the men to help prove his wife is cheating on him. Meanwhile, his wife hires the women of the group to try to seduce Donald so that she can catch him in the act. It’s a fun little plot, but as some Archer fans over on Reddit have noticed, Donald looks a bit familiar.

Redditor u/deepwatermako posted a picture of Donald Zissner and Barry from Storage Wars side-by-side, and the resemblance is uncanny. Other Redditors chimed in to point out that they always thought Donald looked familiar, such as u/Mastifyr saying, “THATS WHO HE REMINDED ME OF! Thank you, this has been bothering me for a couple days now.”

Of course, Barry from Storage Wars isn’t the only old guy who wears tinted shades out there. Redditor u/ScotchAndGummiBears states, “I always thought he was based on Robert Evans, but both look like the storage wars guy. Good spot.” Robert Evans was a big-time Hollywood producer behind such hits as Chinatown and The Godfather. Considering Archer season 7 takes place in Hollywood, Evans seems like a more likely inspiration behind the character, but it’s fun to consider how all three look so alike. Maybe Barry’s real-life persona was inspired by Robert Evans, as well? Food for thought.

Could Donald Zissner come back into the Archer fold? You’ll have to wait until season 12 to find out.

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