Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Anya Taylor-Joy Stunt That Didn’t Need SFX In Emma

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Of course, for director Autumn de Wilde, seeing the star of your movie start bleeding suddenly mid-take is the sort of thing that you might want to have checked out, even if it is in the script. But Taylor-Joy says she insisted they keep going. “She was like, ‘Should we stop?'” Taylor-Joy said of de Wilde “And I was like, ‘No! Are you kidding? This is amazing.'”

Taylor-Joy said that nosebleeds were a recurring problem for her throughout her youth, so she appreciated the impact the moment would have even while reading the script — the way it punctured the air of grand romance you might expect from the moment. “It’s like, ‘No, let’s have some blood in there and let them scream at each other.’ It’s far more realistic,” she said.

And if the goal is realism, then it’s tough to hit it any closer to the mark than to bleed on camera. “When you have something like that altering your performance, it just makes it that much more visceral and real to you as a performer,” Taylor-Joy said. “The only fear I had afterwards was, ‘Please tell me I didn’t get it on the dress!'”

Considering Taylor-Joy is signed on to play the title character in George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa, chances are she’s going to get plenty more opportunities to do her own stunts. Here’s hoping they don’t involve quite as much of her own blood.

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