Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thai Artist Creates 6 New Comics With Unexpected Plot Twists

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Tum Ulit is a very sentimental person, and it shows from the comics he makes. Stories of true love, separation, and loving family members are the common theme of his illustrations. Drawn without dialogue, Tum Ulit shares the stories on Instagram under the name ‘tumnulit’ and has gained 144k followers who love his approach to beautiful yet heartbreaking stories.

In the midst of a society that seems to thrive more on pessimistic views and dark humor, the Thai’s preferred theme that sticks to wholesome stories. Previously, Tum Ulit went viral with his comics that take on toxic masculinity on crying men.

Realistic, but not without hope, that’s the raw truth about our life. Prepare your tissue box, friends.

More info: Instagram | Facebook

Peek a boo


Old man and the tree


Our journey


Brave heart






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