Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Survey reveals how many people use PlayStation Now

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PlayStation Now is notably older than some of its competitors, having launched in 2014, just shortly after the PS4. The service was reworked, however, as recently as 2019, at which point its subscription costs were lowered, and some recent AAA titles were added on a limited, rotating basis.

That said, one additional advantage of PS Plus (and a likely contributor to its dominant poll presence) is that it’s not merely a streaming service — it can also function as a more straightforward subscription service. In fact, games that can be downloaded through PS Now are reportedly played twice as much as titles that can only be streamed.

Its direct competitor in Xbox Cloud Gaming (also known as xCloud, which was its codename) ultimately received a formidable 31% of user votes. Unlike PS Now, the service remains entirely separate from Xbox’s subscription platform.

Though vague, Sony CEO Jim Ryan has promised upcoming changes to PS Now, likely in order to draw in new PS5 owners. Xbox Cloud Gaming, meanwhile, may soon be accessible through smart TV devices. These changes could very well shake up the PlayStation and Xbox rivalry anew.

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