Monday, March 1, 2021

Sony has major adaptation plans for its PlayStation IP

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We already know Tom Holland has filmed his starring turn as a young Nathan Drake in the forthcoming Uncharted film. We also know that there TV series set to come out based on post-apocalyptic survival game The Last of Us. In a CNBC interview with chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Pictures Tony Vinciquerra confirmed there's a lot more where that came from.

“We have a program within the company called One Sony,” says Vinciquerra. “We've seen lots of things happening in that regard — for instance, the Uncharted movie, which we shot completely during the pandemic and will be released next year based on a Sony PlayStation IP. We have three films in the works with Sony PlayStation IP, and we have seven television projects in the works with Sony PlayStation IP. You'll be seeing a lot more integration of Sony companies together in the future.”

In addition to Uncharted, we know Sony is back on target developing the long-gestating Metal Gear Solid film, which is currently set to star Oscar Isaac as the genetically engineered super soldier Solid Snake. The Last of Us TV series is presently set to be co-written and executive produced by Neil Druckman and Chernobyl‘s showrunner Craig Mazin, so Sony obviously isn't messing around.

There are lots more Sony franchises we could see getting adapted, too — including the superhero series InFamous, God of War, PlayStation 4 surprise favorite Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the recently successful Ghost of Tsushima. It's obvious that Sony recognizes the goldmine of storytelling IP that it's sitting on. The bigger question is: How will we be watching the franchises that get turned into movies?

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