Saturday, April 10, 2021

Señor Scratchy has an important secret

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Señor Scratchy sounds like a fun pet name on the surface, however, it could be a subtle nod to a storied Marvel villain: Nicholas Scratch. Scratch burst on the scene in August 1977 in Fantastic Four #185 as an incredibly powerful and cunning wizard. He frequently squared off against the likes of Marvel’s First Family, as well as Doctor Strange, although he never quite reached the level of fame as his villainous counterparts. Perhaps, through a stint on WandaVision, he can turn his fortunes around, now that the show has planted the seeds for his grand entrance.

The most notable piece of evidence pointing toward his live-action debut is his association with Agnes, who many fans theorize is putting up a front. The prevailing rumor is that she’s actually fellow Fantastic Four foe Agatha Harkness — an ancient witch who narrowly survived the Salem Witch Trials. On the page, she’s the mother of Scratch, although their dynamic is less than loving. Could he be trapped in a bunny this time around? We’ll have to see, but the theory doesn’t end there.

WandaVision‘s second episode concludes with the reveal that Wanda is pregnant, indicating that her sons William and Thomas could be on the way. If this is the case, it’s entirely likely that legendary antagonist Mephisto is set to arrive in the MCU sooner rather than later. After all, in the comics, Wanda unwittingly used slivers of his soul to grant the twins theirs, although that move came with dire consequences. Given that Nicholas Scratch is a frequent accomplice of the scheming demon, we may see the otherwise ordinary Señor Scratchy regain his true form and align with Marvel’s equivalent of the Devil in due time.

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