Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Say Goodbye to Viruses With Returnil Free

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Are you sick of being infected with virus after virus even though you've been told your anti-virus is “one of the best”? In this article I'll show you how you can protect your PC from viruses, system corruption and accidental file deletion using some free software called Returnil. Returnil makes a copy of your operating system (it's officially called virtualization) and you'll be working from that copy. Should anything bad happen to your “copy” (like a virus infection) you can simply reboot. When you reboot with Returnil (installed and configured) your pc will be returned to the point where it was working perfectly (no infections, no corruptions, no deletions).

Carefully follow the steps below to install and configure Returnil.

1. Make sure your PC is running in a desirable state (i.e. – no problems)

2. Go to Returnil.com and click products, then click download under “home free”. You will be redirected to Majorgeeks. Under the downloads button in the middle of the screen click the first download link.

3. The file you will be downloading a file called RVS_2010.exe.

4. Once the file has been downloaded double click it to begin the install process.

5. Select your language and click OK.

6. Click Next and Agree to the license agreement.

7. Select your install directory and click next.

8. Click Install.

9. Click Finish

10. On the next screen Returnil will want to perform a quickscan of your system for malware. Please click next.

11. After the quickscan has completed click next. Click Finish.

12. Returnil will now need to reboot your PC. Reboot now.

13. When you reboot you'll see a green Returnil bar at the top right of your screen. Double click the Returnil bar to open the Returnil interface.

14. Now we need to create a space on our hard drive where we can save files. Only files saved in this virtual hard drive will be saved at reboot. All other files will not be saved at reboot, hence the power of returnil. Viruses, system corruption and accidental file deletion all go away with a simple reboot.

15. Click “Define and Import”.

16. Click the Virtual Disk tab.

17. Click create.

18. Specify a size (in megabytes) and then click OK. Remember, the virtual disk is only for saving files that you want keep after a reboot. By default, the virtual disk for saving files will be the Z: drive. It may take a few minutes to create this virtual disk.

19. Next, click the System Safe tab on the left. Click the “Enable it now” button and then click OK. Now click the check box at the bottom that says “Enable system safe when I start windows”.

20. Close Returnil by clicking the X at the top right.

21. That's it! The next time anything bad happens to your computer just do a reboot and everything “bad” will be fixed as soon as you boot back up.

Now that Returnil has been installed and configured it's time to enjoy your PC without having to worry about viruses, system corruption and so on. Reboot, and all is well!

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