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Saved By The Bell Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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Following season one’s release in November 2020, much of the cast vocalized excitement about a potential second go if greenlit. That includes star Haskiri Velazquez, who shared her wish to see her character Daisy Jiménezit break the fourth wall alongside the original Saved by the Bell time-stopper Zack Morris. In an interview with, other younger members of the cast also shared what they might want to see if — and as we now know, when — the show got its second season.

In addition to wanting to see more for their characters in terms of the personal (or romantic) passions, many noted that they wanted to see some more homages to the original series. Velazquez singled out Lisa Turtle as one character she wanted more of in season 2, while Cameli pointed to the “‘Rockumentary’ episode” as one storytline he’d like to see reimagined in the reboot. “I love how the original wasn’t afraid to just get totally weird at some points,” he said.

Hoog noted that he’d seen fans discussing the possibility of a Daisy and Mac romance in addition to his desire for more of Mac and Zack’s bond. And as for Darden, not only was he hoping for a romance for his character, but possibly a trip to the beach. “Remember when they did that season when they’re all in the beach, and they were like volunteering at the beach club?” Darden said. “Anything that we can do to continue to pay homage to the original series in a new and creative way.”

The season 2 renewal announcement features no details about what might be coming up in the show’s sophomore run. That means that fans mostly have the actor’s wishes and a coronavirus joke in the finale that could signal the virus is coming to Bayside. But what is certainly a possibility is that showrunner Wigfield — who has seen all the Saved by the Bell content minus The New Class, according to TVLine — will pack in more homages, more humor, and maybe another cameo or two.

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