Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Safety Precautions When Using Taser Guns

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One of the best ways that you can defend yourself from an attacker is by having the right self-defense weapon on hand. These weapons can help you disable your attacker and allow you a chance to escape. Among the many choices of self-defense weapons available, one of the most efficient in disabling an attacker is a taser. It functions by delivering a surge of electricity to the attacker, creating uncontrollable involuntary muscle spasms that prevent the attacker to move for some time. However, you should take note that the attacker can recover in a matter of moments, so it would be wise to get as far away as you can or get help from the local authorities.

Although having a Taser in your bag or the pocket of your coat can allow you to fend off attackers, there are certain precautions that you need to consider when using this kind of self-defense equipment.

1. Legal issues and liabilities – the first thing that you need to protect yourself from is the legal liabilities that may come with having this kind of equipment. Different localities have different regulations in terms of carrying and the use of this kind of self-defense equipment. You may be required to register your equipment with the local authorities.

Certain countries and cities have not yet legalized the use of these kinds of self-defense weapons. It would be wise for you to inquire with the local authorities about its use, before carrying one along.

2. Read the direction on how to use the model that you’ve bought – if you’re not familiar with your self-defense equipment, this can increases the chances of mishandling and accidents. It is important that you read the instruction manual that comes with the item in order to know how to use it and prevent accidental discharge which can harm you or your loved ones.

You should also familiarize yourself in switching the safety mechanism on and off. It is advisable to keep the safety on at all times to prevent accidental discharge. However, you should also be familiar in taking off the safety in case of an attack.

3. Stay away from your attacker – unlike stun guns which needs direct contact in order to deliver an electrical voltage to disable the attacker. Tasers are used from a distance. You can stay as far as 10 feet and still be able to deliver a charge that can effectively render your attacker immobile.

4. Try not to aim for the eyes – since this kind of self-defense equipment fires probes that delivers an electrical charge upon contact, it is advised that you avoid aiming at the eyes. Although the devices itself is non lethal and does not have lasting effects. Shooting the probe directly at the eyes can cause irreversible damage to it.

5. Find a way to escape after shooting – the effects of the electrical charge can incapacitate your attacker, but only for a period of time. Within this period, you should try to find an escape route or call for help.

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