Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Russian Farmer Strangles Wolf With Bare Hands After It Killed His Dogs And Attacked His Horse

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RUSSIA: Astonishing footage shows the moment a farmer strangled a large vicious wolf to death after it killed two dogs and attacked his horse.

CCTV shows the werewolf-looking creature trying to kill the man as he carries a torch.

The man – who has not been named – fought with the beast in the snow for a while before he grabbed it and started strangling it.

He then punched the animal repeatedly, the video shows.

“The farmer had no time to pick up his rifle and went into a bare handed fight with the animal,” one report said.

Image via East2West

He had reason to believe that the wolf would have attacked his cattle, after killing his two dogs and attacking his horse, according to the report.

The injured man – who posed with his kill – is being tested for rabies after the deadly encounter.

Animals are being vaccinated all over Novotroiskoye village, southwest of Birobidzhan, capital of the country’s Jewish Autonomous Region.

Image via East2West

Locals say that wolf attacks on farm dogs and other animals have become more common following the destruction of many parts of the region’s forests.

One local said:

“The woods are being destroyed and burned down, so wolves are losing their usual prey.

This is entirely man’s fault… It’s like the wolves have been left homeless, this is why they are getting out of the woods.”

Image via East2West

Galina Dzyuba, the region’s chief veterinarian said tests were currently being carried out to understand whether the beastly wolf had rabies.

“Soon we should know the exact reason for the attack.

“Did it happen because the wolf was running short of food or was sick?,” she said.

You can see the shocking CCTV footage by clicking below.

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