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Personalized Handmade Baby Quilts

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When you bring a handmade baby quilt to the shower, you’ll help the new little baby establish her identity from the moment her quilt first touches her. Here’s how:

Integrate Her Name or Initials into the Design

The beauty of a handmade baby quilt that you order from a states-side quilter is that you can tailor the design to the child. Skilled quiltmakers are adept at embroidering the baby’s name or initials into the unique design being created just for this baby. Maybe you think this force of nature just arriving on the planet should see his name in big, bold script. The quilter can comply. Or perhaps it’s a gentle and genteel personality that the new little miss will possess. That’s the time for a subtle inclusion of a petite name design, or initials. Baby will be surrounded by the personalized quilt in the crib, in the carriage, in the car seat. Mom and Dad took a long time selecting just the right name for their new little one. Now you’ve provided a treasured baby quilt that confirms their choice. And it’s also a clever learning tool for the baby to recognize his or her name at a very early age.

Choose a Design in Sync with the Family’s Character

If the brand-new baby is joining a family who loves to go sailing, you can put him right on board with his older siblings my giving him a quilt with a sailboat pattern. He’ll be one of the crew right from the start with a one-of-kind watercraft design of sailboats skimming across the waves. And before the new baby girl can cast a rod, she can be part of the fisherman gang with a home-made quilt with a fish motif. By the time she’s ready to bait her hook, she’ll have had fish companions in her playpen and when she’s using her quilt as a play mat on the floor.

Include Loved Ones’ Clothing in Your Baby Quilt Shower Gift

Children get a sense of who they are from those who came before, and what better way to remind them of absent loved ones than a quilt made with pieces of family members’ clothing? An aunt’s favorite tee-shirt or a grandfather’s favorite fishing shirt can be part of a personalized handmade baby quilts for boys and girls. Depending on the harmony of the clothing, an imaginative quilter might be able to include fabrics from two loved ones. Then that new little baby understands his place in the family continuum, and can snuggle with the softness of the present with warm reminders of the past.

Choose Handmade Baby Quilts for Memorable Gifts

There will be lots of mass-produced, foreign-made impersonal gifts at the baby shower that will soon be outgrown, disused and forgotten. Your gift of an oh-so-soft, customized, personalized handmade baby quilt will long be treasured for the thoughtfulness of your choice and the long-lasting pleasure you brought to the baby.

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