Wednesday, April 21, 2021

People Reveal What Their Tattooed-Self Really Look Like

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It’s not easy to show people who you really are. But one might wonder it easier to be stripped off and have their emotions or physical body seen by all. Photographer Alan Powdrill set off to find people who love tattoos and request a full-body portrait of them with as little cloth as allowed on.

These pictures are part of the ‘Covered’ series, containing people who walk as if they’re living canvases of someone’s hard work. All of them have tattoos covering over half of their body who started getting tattoos from different points in life.

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Dave, 66.


Dave started getting tattoos in 1963 at the age of 14 and has never stopped since then.

Simon, 47.


“As long as I get to the toilet and piss on my own, I don’t care what I look like when I’m older. I never intended to get this many but I had an addictive personality,” said the man.

Victoria, 37, loves her bodysuit.


Tattoo is a part of her and she’ll never not love it even when she’s 80. It was the love for what she looks like now that drives her.

Alex, 49.


Alex’s mom does not like Alex’s tattoos, especially the swallow on his hand. But in defense, he said, “Look mum, it’s not like I’m on the street doing heroin.”

Ness is 40.


Tattoos change as one grows older and she loves how these changes on her body also affect the tattoos. She will stop once the space under her neck is filled.

Peter is 38 with Crohn’s.


It is his tattoos and help give him confidence in life despite the illness he’s plagued with. He’ll continue to love his body like this.

Graham is 58 years old.


He started getting his tattoos at the age of 51 and at that time, his father is no longer in this world. His mother also has dementia and didn’t give any comment on his newfound interest.

Kimmy, 29, loves her kiss tattoos.


The reason that is her favorite is that it shows her dedication to the band that she loves. The pain was incredible, though.

53-year-old Michelle can’t stop.


She doesn’t really know if she’ll ever stop because whenever she sees a space, she’ll want it filled with something else. That attitude doesn’t seem to be fading away.

Patrick, 34, kept his tattoos a secret.


For 10 years since he got his tattoos at the age of 13, he never told anyone. It’s now become part of him that will never get old.

Chris, 25, sees tattoos as reminders.


He explains, “If I ever forget who I am I take my clothes off and look in the mirror and find out who I am again.”

23-year-old Lilliana doesn’t regret it.


“I don’t feel my opinion will change on my tattoos,” she said in addition to saying that this is a choice she won’t ever regret her whole life.

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