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Online Training on Bloodborne Pathogens: 8 Major Benefits

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Online training to handle blood borne pathogens (BBP) is available and can be availed easily if you belong to a profession where dealing with infected human blood or other body fluids is a regular part of your job. Numerous sites give out this BBP training on gaining adequate knowledge about how BBP are transmitted and the various methods to reduce or prevent exposure to infected human blood and steps that need to be taken should you be accidentally exposed. The following are the major benefits of online blood borne pathogens training:

1. Most online courses are interactive and give you ample opportunity to ask as many questions you want about the characteristics of pathogens, preventive measures and post- exposure methods and procedures. This aids easy and quick learning.

2. Online BBP training gives you the liberty to train at your own speed and pace because of its 24X7 accessibility.

3. If you are a full time job holder, there is no need to take special leave to and these courses as they usually last for one to two hours daily. The course can be successfully completed at a time that’s convenient for you.

4. Online training is ideal for those who have already received their certification through regular classes in order to update their skills and knowledge about the latest developments in the field in order to enhance their job skills and opportunities. These courses also work well as auxiliary training for those who are taking first aid courses for the first time.

5. The certificate that you get from a recognized online BBP course is valid on a national level and enhances your employment chances in well known hospitals, blood banks and pathological laboratories.

6. Online BBP training is particularly necessary for those who run the risk of accidental exposure to blood borne pathogens. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that nearly 380,000 workers in the health care industry have been injured by needle pricks resulting in pathogenic infections. This was in addition to around 200,000 employees belonging to other industries who also contracted pathogenic infections.

7. Online blood borne pathogens training gives you extensive knowledge about taking adequate measures like using protective equipment like gloves, footwear, scrub suits, goggles, gowns and face shields; cleaning methods of contaminated surfaces; methods to identify pathogens; first aid procedures in case there is accidental exposure; and proper disposal methods of items contaminated by pathogens. The latter provides specialized advice on using red can liners along with markers having biohazard warnings, to store contaminated waste and they are to be held from the top rather than from the bottom or sides and never with bare hands. Another advice given is to collect or dispose of broken glass vials or needles with tongs always.

8. Another great advantage of online BBP training is that it teaches you how to tackle certain pathogens like the Hepatitis B virus which are known to be sterility resistant. The Hepatitis B virus lives on in stains of dry blood up to seven days and any such surface needs to be constantly disinfected.

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