Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Netflix’s Marianne is the internet’s newfound obsession

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It’s unclear why Marianne is suddenly picking up momentum over a year since it first came out and after it’s already been cancelled, but horror fans can’t seem to get enough. As Twitter user @aayyboo wrote, “Just watched Marianne [on] Netflix. Damn this show really hooked me! The storyline, horror visuals, characters. So glad to have stumbled upon it.”

The show has only eight episodes ranging in length from 36 to 52 minutes, so it’s easy enough to binge-watch the entire season in a single day. You just might want to make sure it’s light out before turning it on, or you may have trouble getting to sleep at night. On Twitter, user @BrookeAnnTyler admitted, “Why are all the French shows on Netflix so dark and twisted??? I started watching Marianne and now I’m never gonna sleep again.”

One of the best reviews of Marianne posted on Twitter comes courtesy of @NickACaminero, who said of the series, “Pure nightmare fuel thanks to its cast & crew – better than Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and any episode of American Horror Story in my opinion — one of 2019’s GREATEST.”

Though all of this newfound interest makes it all the more disappointing the series wasn’t picked up for more episodes, perhaps Netflix could reverse course and order a second season now that Marianne has a devoted fanbase. It may be wishful thinking, but stranger things have happened.

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