Sunday, February 28, 2021

Muslim Man Celebrates First Christmas And Goes Viral After Sharing Observations on Twitter

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This year, Mohammad Hussain celebrated Christmas for the first time.

  • Since he was unable to travel home, he decided to celebrate the festive season with his roommates in Canada. 
  • He shared his “anthropological observations” on Twitter where he received praise and recognition.
  • Among many others, Justin Trudeau replied to Hussain and confirmed that his observations were correct.

Hussain explained that, prior to this year, he had never celebrated Christmas.

Due to the pandemic, Hussain was unable to go home to spend the holidays with his family. Subsequently, he decided to celebrate Christmas with his two roommates in Canada. Moreover, he decided to approach the holidays with “anthropological precision” and share his observations on Twitter. Thus, he published a thread in which he explained that he had never celebrated Christmas before and that he had never realized just how much work, time, and effort people put into this holiday.

First, Hussain observed that celebrating Christmas feels like having a part-time job.

Then, he shared his observations regarding traditions and Christmas gifts.

To truly feel the Christmas spirit, Hussain even bought a ‘keeper’ ornament.

Finally, he commented on religion and Christmas ‘menus’ before announcing his conclusion.

Hussain’s Twitter thread quickly went viral as it brought joy to thousands of people.

Twitter users praised Hussain for his observations. Moreover, they explained that his posts had warmed their hearts as they reminded them of just how special the holiday season truly is. Among the numerous people who praised him, Justin Trudeau also commented on Hussain’s post.

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