Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Mother-of-two plunges to her death from fourth-floor balcony on Christmas day

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(Trigger warning: this article discusses death)

Sharon Anne Daly-O’Dwyer fell from the fourth-floor balcony at 10 am on Christmas day.

Sharon Anne Daly-O’Dwyer was celebrating Christmas with her children and her grandson in Shepherd’s Bush.

Less than an hour before her death, the 51-year-old woman had been photographed holding a designer bag and smiling after opening Christmas gifts. According to the Daily Mail, shortly after the photograph was taken, Daly-O’Dwyer “had left the room to “go for a smoke in her dressing gown”.” The woman’s children had then heard a loud sound outside the flat and they had rushed to see what had happened. Taylor, Daly-O’Dwyer’s daughter, had run downstairs in her pajamas and stayed with her mother until the paramedics and undertakers arrived. Speaking to the Mirror, Taylor shared:

I ran down to try and help her but it was pretty obvious she had died, she wasn’t breathing and her eyes were open. […] I held her hand when they stopped the CPR and closed her eyes when they said they couldn’t do anymore. I gave her a kiss and said I love you.


The family does not know what caused the mother’s fall.

Taylor explained that before the tragic incident, the family was having an ordinary Christmas. According to the Mirror, the daughter further disclosed, “She was really happy with her presents. She said she was going to go back to bed before making dinner but would just have a cigarette. We were inside for two minutes when we heard a bang. My brother looked over the side (of the balcony) and said ‘she’s down there’. We were just screaming.” The family further revealed that Daly-O’Dwyer had been a barmaid but had lost her job in March as a result of the pandemic. Since then, she had struggled to find another job.


People have raised over £14,000 to help Daly-O’Dwyer’s family with the funeral costs.

A GoFundMe page was set up on behalf of Taylor by her best friend, Georgie Dileo. Dileo wrote: “I am appealing to all friends, family and everyone who’s heart Sharon touched, or anyones pint she pulled. We are raising as much money as we can to help Taylor and Drew and the rest of her family pay for a beautiful send off and funeral she deserves.” Fortunately, the family has received an overwhelming amount of support as they received over £14,000 to cover the funeral expenses. In addition to this, people sent flowers and candles to the family’s home.

A Met Police spokesperson commented on the incident, MailOnline reported.

Police were called to an address in Shepherd’s Bush, W12 at 10.09am on Friday, 25 December. Officers attended with London Ambulance Service and found a 51-year-old woman with injuries consistent with a fall from height. Despite the best efforts of the emergency services, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her death is not being treated as suspicious.

Similarly, A London Ambulance Service spokesperson also explained:

We were called on Christmas Day at 10.04am to reports of an incident at White City Estate, Australia Road, W12. We sent resources including an ambulance, medics in response cars, an advanced paramedic and an incident response officer. Sadly, despite our efforts a woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

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