Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mom Left Surprised After Daughter, 2, Teaches Her How Sky Box Button Works

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Young kids are better at learning the unusual or, perhaps, the unlikely principles than adults. Naturally, children are bound to explore, experiment, get results through trials and errors. This exploration makes kids better, and an excellent example of the mentioned above is a 2-Year-Old who recently stunned her mom with an unexpected solution.

Sophie Liard has been using SkyBox for quite some time but can’t tell how a button on it works. But recently, she did figure it out when her two-year-old taught her the proper use of the button. Sophie was instantly left stunned and couldn’t help it but had to share the discovery on TikTok, with the username @thefoldinglady.

Sophie Liard was left stunned after her two-year-old taught her the proper use of the button on SkyBox


‘Did you know this, or is it just me? Sophie captioned her post. As seen in her viral clip, Sophie showed how the middle button helped in finding her misplaced remote control by emitting a loud beeping sound. Internet users were equally left thrilled, and indeed comments flooded in.

‘Did you know this, or is it just me?


Did you know this or is it just me?? ##sky ##skytv ##skyq ##hack ##lifehack ##lifehacks

♬ original sound – Sophie Liard

Sophie showed how the button helped in finding her misplaced remote control


Specifically, the clip has amassed over 180K views and over 170K likes. Over hundreds of people commented, with quite a huge fraction revealing how their little ones had taught them the same thing. ‘OMG, I can’t believe I just found out about this. Thank You.’ A user said.

The remote could be heard emitting a loud beep under this cloth


The clip since gone viral has amassed over 180K views and over 170K likes


A second added: ‘I’ve just tried this, and yes, it works. My daughter can’t hide the remote anymore when she doesn’t want to turn YouTube off.’ A third stated: ‘Thanks for teaching us too, that’s helpful, appreciate it.’

Some internet users were left thrilled, while a few claimed the trick doesn’t work with all Sky Boxes

However, a few users claimed the trick doesn’t work with all Sky Boxes, adding that it only has a Bluetooth remote. ‘Must be on the voice/Bluetooth models. Standard Q remote didn’t work for me.’ A fifth proclaimed.

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