Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Minor characters in horror movies who stole the show

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Everything was going great in Charley Brewster’s life until Jerry Dandridge moved into the vacant house next door. After spying on him relentlessly, particularly when Jerry brings home beautiful young women, Charley becomes convinced that Jerry is a vampire and that he’s been murdering these ladies. With the help of his friend, Evil Ed, and girlfriend, Amy, Charley approaches Peter Vincent, a famous on-screen vampire hunter, for help as they discover more and more about Jerry’s bloody predilections.

But thanks to his unique braying laugh and one-line zingers, Stephen Geoffreys as Evil Ed fully steals the show when he’s human, and he takes it to the next level once he’s bitten by Jerry and turned into a vampire himself. Geoffreys brings an incredible amount of nuance to Evil Ed when he’s, well, actually turned evil, and his death scene is so poignant that it would almost be tear-jerking if it weren’t so gruesome. This is a surprisingly three-dimensional character developed with very little time on-screen, making Evil Ed even more unique.

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