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Man Gifts GF DNA Test Kit For Christmas But Ends Up Exposing 30 Years Hidden Secret

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Every 25th December, more people than ever spit into a tube or perhaps swab some cells and send it off for DNA analysis. Millions across the world have already done it, and the practice is gradually spreading. But then, what happens if you find out a lot more than expected? Just recently, a DNA Test kit purchased for the fun on Christmas day has unraveled a family’s hidden secret.

Unfortunately, the mentioned above happened with a woman whose boyfriend’s innocent Christmas gift exposed secrets of her own life. The boyfriend has gifted her a ‘23 and Me’ – an ancestry test that can reveal details about a person’s family tree. While the result might or might not be so accurate, the tests have continually be taken by people.

Man gifts girlfriend a ’23 and Me’ ancestry test kit for fun on Christmas but ends up unraveling a hidden secret of 30years


Taking the matter to Reddit, username @rglurker shared the tale on the r/relationshipadviceforum and sought words of wisdom. The man admitted purchasing the DNA kit for his fiancée and that her parents agreed to the gift. But after gifting his GF the ancestry kit, she uncovered that her mom had kept a secret for 30years.

‘I think I f**cked up by getting my girlfriend a DNA test for Christmas.’ The man had said in his post. He continued, explaining she had the gift early but got the result recently. According to the man, the woman had looked through the results carefully and was left shocked when it stumbled on a description ‘Half Sister’ under her family members’ list.

‘I think I f**cked up by getting my girlfriend a DNA test for Christmas,’ the post shared to Reddit reads


‘She looks up the half-sister and doesn’t recognize her but recognizes a few people in her circle. She looks up at her father and gets his name. Confused, she called her mom and put her on speaker in our room. Mom, do I have a half-sister? Her mom responded: ‘Of course not; why would you have half-sister honey lol. Before her mom stopped chuckling, she questioned: ‘Do you know a John Smith? The phone became silent.’ The post reads.

On a serious note, the mom responds, ‘What about him? The woman explained that her DNA test says she has a half-sister and that John Smith is the girl’s dad. ‘Have you said anything to your dad? The mom asked. The woman confirmed she hasn’t, and eventually, the mom confessed the secret she had kept.

Mom, do I have a half-sister? Her mom responded: ‘Of course not; why would you have half-sister honey lol. Before her mom stopped chuckling, she questioned: ‘Do you know a John Smith? The phone became silent’

kohei_hara/iStock (not the actual image)

Giving an insight, the woman’s mom explained she and her dad had taken a break for a weekend when she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend John. Days later, she got back with her present husband. ‘When she found out, she was pregnant, and they dated a possible time for conception. She knew it wasn’t her husband’s. She kept the secret for 30years and told my GF to keep the secret. My girlfriend doesn’t know what to do now, and I am just sitting here, shaking my head at the audacity of her mom.’ The post added.

Reacting, users reassured the boyfriend that he wasn’t at fault. ‘The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off. I kind of hope your GF tells her dad. I don’t know if that makes me an idiot or what, but I value truth above all else.’ A user said. A second added: ‘For the record, the f**CK up was entirely her mother’s for lying. You did nothing wrong, and I hope you support her through this.’

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