Saturday, April 10, 2021

Man Finds Wife Cheating Before Taking Life Of Entire Family And Himself

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A family of four was found dead in their home in Mayfield, Kentucky, hours after a suspicious Facebook post was uploaded from Kyle Miliken’s account. Kyle is a father-of-two and is married to Ashley Miliken, a 35-year-old, whom he suspected had cheated on him. The bodies were found early morning, around 9 am, by Kentucky State Police.

Seven hours before they were found, Kyle vented about his family issues with 80 pictures of his sons on Facebook.

Kyle Milliken

“My kids are my everything,” wrote Kyle. “A woman can come and go. If she is not happy, you can’t make her happy!”

“A lot of the time, she was going to do it anyway, but when you pick someone up and carry them for years and she still betray you, what do you do?” he continued.

“There is one person that knows the story behind this journey.”

Kyle Milliken
Kyle Milliken

“I have got to say I love my boys with ever ounce of me! Everything I have done in life as a adult has been for them, to have a better life than I’ve had growing up. Then you have this stuff pop up and throw a whole wrench in it!”

He concluded the post with the full names of his two sons as his ‘everything’ and then posted 80 pictures of them. Many of those pictures show the boys on fishing trips with the dad, playing baseballs, and winning games.

A pastor from Mayfield reveals that the family is a ‘well-respected family on both sides of their families that they come from’ and that the community is ‘grieving.’


There is no public danger, the death of the four have been confirmed by officials.

Ashley Milliken
Ashley Milliken

Comments continue to flood on both accounts that have now been turned into ‘In Remembrance’ on Facebook. The husband’s claim that Ashley had cheated could not be confirmed anywhere, except for a single name in Kyle’s post. Several people pointed out that without proof, one cannot be sure of Kyle’s accusations.

People are grieving for family’s tragic end and the man’s unfortunate decision to end their lives.

Ashley Milliken

Rest in peace.

Ashley Milliken

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