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Lynda Carter plays Asteria in Wonder Woman 1984

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A running theme throughout Wonder Woman 1984 is the idea of what it means to be a hero, and how to reach such a status in an honorable way. To Diana, the core of heroism is putting others — be it those you care about, or strangers in need of a helping hand — before yourself, no matter the lasting effects. At one point in the sequel movie, Diana conveys to a reanimated Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) that, in her eyes, the embodiment of this philosophy is the ancient, legendary Amazonian warrior Asteria.

The story goes that Asteria, donning her set of gold-winged armor, took the brunt of mankind’s onslaught, which afforded the Amazons a chance to escape their enslavement to the refuge of Themyscira. Wonder Woman 1984 depicts Asteria’s act of selflessness in a brief flashback, although the heat of battle obscures her face for the most part. Thankfully, for those who are itching to know who played the Themysciran idol, the movie’s mid-credits scene revealed that the woman responsible is none other than Lynda Carter.

Asteria, who’s alive and well in the “modern day”, is shown saving a group of pedestrians from a falling flagpole. Afterward, she turns to the audience and says, “I’ve been doing this all this time” — winking slyly as if speaking directly to longtime fans of her Wonder Woman TV run.

Now knowing Diana’s hero is still putting her Amazonian gifts to good use, it’ll be interesting to see if Lynda Carter reemerges in her new role as Asteria for future Gal Gadot-led Wonder Woman installments.

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