Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Loyal dog waits for over 80 days on road for owner who died in car accident

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Heartbreaking: A loyal dog waited for over 80 days on the road where its owner had died. 

The courageous canine refused to move away from the road in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, for more than 80 days after its owner died there. Patiently waiting for its favorite person to come back, the pooch proved that the bond between a dog and a man is like no other.

Credits: Pear Video

As per the Independent, footage of the faithful dog waiting for its owner to come back on the busy road has been viewed over 1.4 million times on Sina Weibo – a Chinese social media.

China’s Pear Video website reveals that the owner died on August 21, 2018. She was a victim of a car accident. Her four-legged friend was still waiting for her amid November the same year.

Credits: Pear Video

According to a taxi driver who often drives on the Hohhot road, many people have tried to help the dog with food and pets. As BBC reports, the driver said:

“Drivers often give the little dog bits of food, but when we get out, he goes away. This owner’s relationship with her dog was very deep. After she was killed, this little dog has just stayed standing guard. Every day it’s in the road, I always see it. The relationship between man and dog is so true.”

Credits: Pear Video

The dog’s admirable devotion melted the hearts of many.

One social media user commented:

“This little dog is so loyal. My family used to have a dog and every day it would wait for me by the village school.”

Others were concerned about its wellbeing:

“It is so dangerous for that doggy to stand in the middle of the road. I hope that some good people can adopt it and take it to a safe place.”

What do you think of this touching story of a dog’s loyalty? Let us know in the comment section!

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