Saturday, April 10, 2021

“Is it you in the video?” – don’t fall for this Messenger scam

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If you’ve ever wondered why cybercriminals are interested in your IM passwords…

…well, it’s not just so they can sneak into your account and snoop through your personal data with a view to abusing it themselves or selling it on to someone else who will.

Access to your account also gives crooks a level of trusted access to your friends and family that makes scams of all sorts much easier to pull off.

Whether it’s pitching a bogus investment plan, luring someone to a fake login page, persuading them to submit an application form for a non-existent job, or simply getting them to waste their money on useless, overpriced, shoddily made tat…

…well, it’s much more likely that a scammer will be able to talk you into clicking a link using a message that actually came from a friend’s account than if they just contacted you out of the blue.

Indeed, many users deliberately limit their “circles of contact” on social media and instant messaging services not just for privacy reasons but also to cut down on the sort of unsolicited messages, spams and scams they endure via email.

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