Tuesday, May 11, 2021

IMDb’s best episodes of It’s Always Sunny

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Sing it with us: “Dayman, ah-ah-ahhhhh! Fighter of the Nightman. Ah-ah-ahhhh!”

Sorry about stuffing that tune into your head, but everyone loves the most famous song from Charlie’s absurd “Nightman” musical. It’s about, well, a Dayman, played by Dennis, who fights a Nightman, played by Mac. Frank plays a troll, one who levies a toll on anyone who wants to get to “the boy’s soul” (although, much to Charlie’s irritation, Frank keeps accidentally saying “boy’s hole”). Dee plays the princess, whose lines also seem pretty inappropriate in regards to kids, and when she ad-libs some lyrics explaining her character isn’t a pervert, that enrages Charlie more.

In the end, though, despite the audience laughing at what the gang intended to be serious, Charlie descends onto the stage, dressed in a yellow outfit. He then proposes to the Waitress, who’d only attended on the condition that Charlie never speak to her again afterwards. Needless to say, she rejects his marriage offer and storms out, ending the episode.

It’s one of the most bizarre and hilarious episodes the show ever did. It’s also so popular that the actors led a crowd in a brief rendition of the song at the 2011 Comic-Con, and “Dayman” was adapted for the stage in real life.

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