Thursday, February 25, 2021

How Wonder Woman 1984 pays homage to Lynda Carter

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While the superhero movies we enjoy today are technical marvels on a grandiose scale, back in the 1970s, it was all a little bit simpler. The Wonder Woman TV series may not have had Diana lassoing thunderbolts to help her glide through the sky, but the show did manage to find plenty of ways to thrill its audience. One of the most reliable was showing Diana using every aspect of her wardrobe to restore truth and justice to earth. As Carrie Bradshaw once noted on Sex and the City, “Oh, with the bracelets and the tiara. I used to love that even her accessories had superpowers.”

One of those accessories that proved to be extremely efficient was Diana's tiara, which she used as a boomerang-type tool to incapacitate ne'er-do-wells from a distance. Hardcore fans of the character, and especially those for whom the seventies TV series is a big part of their personal Wonder Woman canon, likely noticed that Jenkins' first Wonder Woman film didn't feature any tiara throwing. The headpiece did appear in the movie, but mostly as a status symbol to mark Diana's graduation from the Amazon Training Academy.

But WW84 sees that beautiful and utilitarian headpiece flying all over the place. Whether she's using it to knock out security cameras in a mall to preserve the secret of her identity, or distracting a hallway full of security officers at the White House, Gadot's Diana appears to have taken some inspiration from Carter's, and fully leaned in to making her accessories work for her.

Of course, it's also just great to see the second movie in the series expanding on the character's lore. Let's hope the recently announced threequel keeps with that tradition.

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