Saturday, June 19, 2021

How Bridget Moynahan Really Feels About Blue Bloods’ Family Dinners

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Bridget Moynahan revealed her thoughts on filming Blue Bloods‘ family dinner scenes in an interview with Pop Culture. Overall, Moynahan described the Reagan family dinners as among some of the best moments in the series. That said, she explained that the actual act of filming some of those scenes would occasionally leave her with a bad taste in her mouth — literally and figuratively.

The food, per Moynahan’s description, is not great. That sometimes becomes an issue due to the fact that all of the food featured at the Reagan family dinner scenes is real, and certain shots require eating it. Moynahan recounted one scene in particular in which she was asked to eat nothing more than green beans. Even those, she explained, left her feeling bad simply due to the quantity of them she ended up consuming over the course of the roughly four hours it took to shoot the scene.

Unfortunately for the cast of Blue Bloods, deliciousness or lack thereof can’t be conveyed on camera. Therefore it’s likely the food served during family dinner scenes is far from gourmet, simply due to the time and money saved by not procuring high-quality food. Those scenes nevertheless remain a staple of Blue Bloods, so plenty more mediocre meals are likely to be consumed as the series continues into its unusual 11th season.

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