Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Homelander and Stormfront’s love scene shocked Aya Cash

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In an exclusive interview with Gold Derby, Aya Cash was asked about her love-making scene with Antony Starr, which she confessed was definitely not on her bucket list. However, Cash qualified that, “having done it: two thumbs up, highly recommend.”

If you’re looking for an explanation, it’s pretty simple: With all the complicated bells and whistles, the experience was simply good (albeit weird) work. “It was more comfortable than most sex scenes because there was so much technical and fight stuff,” said Cash. “We’re harnessed up, I’m in shorts.”

Cash compared The Boys with shows that have more typical lovemaking scenes. “Sometimes, when you’re just in pasties and a stick-on thong, when you do that it feels awkward,” Cash confessed. “You’re basically nude in front of a crew and trusting that they’re going to honor your nudity rider not to show the bits they’ve agreed not to.”

Bringing it back to The Boys, Cash had a simple word for the entire experience — silly. “On this [set] we were so fully covered and it was so silly, Cash said. “It was actually much more comfortable to do this sex scene than almost any sex scene from You’re the Worst.” You’re the Worst is the raunchy FX sitcom, in which Cash stars opposite Chris Geere. Cash is a real authority on this subject, since she and Geere filmed a fair amount of intimate scenes together.

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