Thursday, February 25, 2021

Here's why Wonder Woman 1984 opens with 2 action scenes

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WW84 director Patty Jenkins recently participated in a Zoom call with star Gal Gadot and members of the media. During the chat, Jenkins let on (via that she went back and forth with the studio execs, who insisted that she cut either the opening scene on Themyscira or the mall scene in the '80s. She explained that she felt that just wasn't doable.

“I was like, we can't, we can't cut either,” Jenkins said. As she lays it out, the scene on Themyscira was essential for anyone who might be familiar with the first movie. “The reason that I ended up realizing that you need the Amazon [scene] is because I suddenly [thought], ‘Wait, you have to remember all the people that haven't seen the first Wonder Woman who watch this on a plane.' And suddenly [you remember], ‘Oh, it's super hard to understand who Diana is and what's going on without touching base there.'”

In addition to setting the scene to remind viewers of the title character's background, without that scene reaching back to Diana's roots and origin, we would also be left without an essential bit of insight from Queen Hippolyta's (Connie Nielsen) sister. “I love the fact that you hear [Antiope saying] all of the [lines about] being a great hero takes your whole life, you know?” Jenkins added. “So there was this wisdom there that they were trying to tell [Diana] — which is not about being the strongest or the fastest, it's about these complex observations you have to make during life in order to become a true hero. I love that she doesn't understand that until that final speech.”

Now that you know why the movie began how it did, do you know the meaning behind the Wonder Woman 1984 post-credits scene?

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