Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Here’s Why Nintendo Canceled The Netflix Live-Action Zelda TV Series

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Comedian and host of Adam Ruins Everything Adam Conover revealed in a video for The Serf Times that it was Nintendo themselves who pulled out of negotiations with Netflix. Not only is The Legend of Zelda off the board at Netflix, but so too apparently is a claymation-style Star Fox show that was allegedly set to be produced by College Humor in the style of The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

According to Conover (who was working with College Humor at the time), because Netflix leaked news of a possible live-action The Legend of Zelda series, Nintendo “freaked out” and “pulled the plug on everything,” including the Netflix series, College Humor‘s Star Fox show, and any other potential adaptations.

Conover pointed out that Nintendo’s intellectual property had not been adapted in any big-budget way for many years, and it’s certainly true that Nintendo has historically held very tight control over their characters. One of the rare exceptions to the rule would be the often-mocked The Legend of Zelda games created for the Philips CD-i video game system (which were recently, unofficially remade on PC).

In very recent years, Nintendo has ventured to stick one scaly toe out of its koopa troopa shell. There’s the Nintendo World Theme Park in Japan and, as of now at least, a still-planned CGI Super Mario Bros. movie in development.

However, a The Legend of Zelda live-action series is unequivocally not happening — at least not know. If Conover’s story is to be believed, we have Nintendo’s cold feet to blame.

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