Saturday, April 10, 2021

Here’s how much Storage Wars’ Mary Padian is worth

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Based on the most recent data available, it would appear as though Mary Padian has a net worth of roughly $600,000. She was part of the main cast of Storage Wars from season 5 until the show ended with season 12, and considering what we’ve seen other cast members make, it’s a relatively safe bet to assume she probably made in the neighborhood of $15,000 per episode; however, appearing on TV isn’t her only gig.

Padian is also the owner of a vintage retail store called Mary’s Finds, which is described on the website as having, “an eclectic mix of handmade, vintage & one-of-a kind home goods [Mary Padian has] collected from treasure hunting around Texas.” While there used to be a physical storefront of Mary’s Finds in Dallas, Texas, it’s since gone solely online. You can shop for all kinds of vintage trinkets and collectibles from old-school camera parts to college-themed felt pennants.

While it doesn’t look like Storage Wars season 13 is going to happen (the last episode came out on January 30, 2019), Padian seems to be doing just fine on her own. You can stay in the loop with everything’s she up to by following her on Instagram.

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