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Dying father, 38, calls his wife to tell her to look after their children after being shot

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A dying father tells his beloved wife to look after their children after being gunned down in Phoenix. 

  • Jorge Hernandez, 38, was shot after a gunman opened fire at a Phoenix Family Dollar store.
  • The father-of-five died of his wounds after being rushed to the hospital.
  • In his last moments, he managed to call his wife and tell her to ‘take care’ of their children. 

Jorge Hernandez, 38, was waiting in line at a Family Dollar store to buy milk for his baby when a shooter drove by and opened fire. The father-of-five was gunned down amid the shooting. Despite being immediately rushed to the hospital, he later died of his wounds, Daily Mail reports.

On December 11, an armed person with a silver sedan opened fire while driving by a Family Dollar store on 83rd Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix. The suspect quickly fled the scene after shooting two people – Hernandez and a woman in her 50s, whose wound was not life-threatening. Tragically, Jorge lost his life within hours.

During his last moments, all Hernandez could think of was his wife and his children. 

With the little strength he had left before passing away, Jorge managed to tell his beloved wife, Marlene Jimenez, how much he loved her.

Credits: Marlene Jimenez / News 10

As per Newsner, Marlene found out about her husband’s critical condition while she was at work. To Fox 10 Phoenix, the grieving wife said:

“I was at work and he calls me through the phone. He tells me that he needs me to go for the kids because he just got shot.”

The mother received the distressing call only an hour after Jorge had left to go to the store. Marlene was horrified to realize those were her husband’s last words. She added:

“His last words to me were that I made him the happiest man these 10 years, and that he wanted me to take care of his kids for him and that he loved me so much.” 

The tragic incident happened the day before the family was planning to go Christmas shopping. 

Disheartened, Jorge’s wife was worried about how her children would live without their father’s love and support.

“He loved his kids so much, so it just kills me that my kids are gonna be here without their father.”

Credits: GoFundMe

Marlene now hopes that the authorities would find the person who ended her loved one’s life. Seeking justice for the father of her children, she said:

“If anybody can help us find the person that did this damage, I really do want my husband to have justice because it wasn’t his time to go. He still had a lot to live for.”

Hernandez’s wife has established a GoFundMe page for her family to raise donations that would help them throughout these distressing times. Hundreds of people have already united to support them while mourning the death of Jorge. Describing him as a devoted husband and a dedicated father, Marline wrote:

“From the bottom of our hearts we ask to keep us in your prayers and if possible please consider donating if you are able to do so. Please help us fulfill his Last wish to rest in peace in his hometown next to his father. We are so very grateful for every donation during this difficult time. God Bless You All.”

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