Saturday, April 10, 2021

C By GE Rebrands, Announces a New Smart Plug, Switch, and Camera

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A security camera next to a potted plant.

Early last year, Savant Systems acquired GE Lighting, including its sub-brands like C by GE and employees. Now the company is ready for rebranding and new products under the Savant wing. Going forward, C by GE will be known as Cync, and the transition starts with an app update followed by new smart home products, including an indoor security camera, an outdoor plug, and a smart fan switch.

Three app screens, showing a redesigned C By GE App

The most immediate change will come to the C by GE App. And it’s not just a rename; the entire app is getting a makeover. Savant is already well-known for its high-end custom smart home solutions, including a custom Savant app for anyone with the dollars to afford the system. Cync’s new app will use much of the same design language as the Savant app. The app changeover will occur in March.

An outdoor plug with two outlets.

Cync also has a host of new products coming. First up is an outdoor smart plug. The plug sports two outlets with independent control, compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The Cync Outdoor Smart Plug will release in March, with pricing to be announced later.

An indoor camera with physical shutter.

Up next is the Cync Indoor Camera. The camera starts with privacy and mind, thanks to a built-in physical lens cover. When you close the lens cover, the camera also shuts off audio recording. It will offer an optional cloud subscription for storage, but you can insert a MicroSD card to keep your video local instead. The Cync Indoor Camera will launch in May, with pricing to be announced later.

A smart fan switch with four indicator lights.

Finally is Cync’s new Fan Speed Smart Switch. You can select from one of four fan speeds, group it with other Cync (Formerly C by GE) products, and it doesn’t require a hub. With the Cync app, you can schedule actions to turn your fan off and on throughout the day. The Cync Fan Speed Smart Switch will release in June.

You’ll see products in stores under the C by GE name for some time to come, but the company plans to phase in branding over the coming months.

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