Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Biggest unanswered questions in Cobra Kai season 3

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In the finale of season three, Sam LaRusso and Miguel Diaz convince the rest of the students from their respective karate dojos — specifically, Daniel’s Miyagi-Do and Johnny’s comically-named upstart, Eagle Fang Karate — to sign a sort of treaty. Essentially, they decide (whether their teachers like it or not) to merge their two factions. While they agree to use the Miyagi-Do dojo as their training ground, they haven’t yet settled on a name or a gi design. Presumably, they won’t be using those already established by either dojo, and will create a new identity for themselves instead. But what will that be, exactly?

A new name would certainly be appropriate, as becoming one united dojo will likely require a merging of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence’s drastically different technical and educational styles. While he’s splintered off from the most brutal aspects of Cobra Kai’s philosophy, Johnny still sees karate as a means to becoming a hardened butt-kicker. Daniel LaRusso’s karate, in tremendous contrast, is all about balance and peace. Neither sensei is all that interested in compromise, especially when it comes to each other.

Moreover, on a purely technical level, these are two totally different schools. LaRusso teaches Okinawan karate, while Lawrence teaches Tang Soo Do, a Korean karate variant. Whatever emerges from this union will be a fusion of the two forms, and, by necessity, something entirely new. Can the students learn each others’ moves while keeping their teachers on the same page?

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