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Best Scarlett Johansson Movies

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Though this article focuses primarily on Johansson’s live action work, the actor has also lent her voice to a number of prominent films, including The Jungle Book, Isle of Dogs, and Sing! Though she enlivened animated animals in each of those films, her most acclaimed voiceover work to date came as the operating system in Her, written and directed by Spike Jonze. The near-future sci-fi film, which won an Oscar for Jonze’ original screenplay (it was also nominated for Best Picture), chronicles the romantic misadventures of the sad-sack Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), who falls in love with the artificially intelligent virtual assistant “Samantha.”

No higher praise can be given to Johansson’s performance than to say it is easy to see why Theodore falls for her, even though she has no corporeal form. Samantha’s soulful personality, humor, empathy, curiosity, intelligence, and sex appeal all comes through Johansson’s voice performance. Samantha also conveys a certain wistfulness about experience that feels all too human. Of course, she’s not human, and (spoiler) eventually she achieves the singularity — when an AI becomes sentient and moves far beyond human abilities and restrictions. Critics were charmed and dazzled by Jonze’s vision, with Empire magazine declaring, “Jonze has made a sweet, smart, silly, serious film for our times, only set in the future.”

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