Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ben Schwartz Dishes On His Comic Book History

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Flora & Ulysses centers around comic mythology almost as much as it does its title characters, Flora and her pet squirrel Ulysses. Directed by Lena Khan, the movie makes many direct references to Marvel heroes in particular, often by name. Schwartz told Looper that Marvel and DC fans — or anyone who enjoys comic book adaptations, really — will want to check out Flora & Ulysses: “If you like superhero-type movies also, it really scratches that itch. It does that in a really cool way.”

Schwartz also shared with us that he finds working on any project with animation, like Flora & Ulysses, to be an interesting experience. That’s a good trait to have, given his propensity to play characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Dewey in the DuckTales revival.

“When I did DuckTales, and the first DuckTales episode [came] out, [I was thinking], ‘Oh my goodness, there I am. I’m Dewey Duck, and I’m next to Scrooge McDuck.’ And it’s that big feeling,” he said. Schwartz compared this to working on the set of Flora & Ulysses, where he had to react to something that would later become a superhero squirrel, and getting to see that completed.

Flora & Ulysses debuts on Disney+ on Friday, February 19.

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