Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Batwoman season 2, episode 1 ending explained

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Kate may not be present in the Batwoman season 2 premiere, but her spirit looms large over everyone and everything. Even Ryan, a complete stranger, finds herself reading up on her exploits and nodding in approval. Still, few characters have to deal with the first Batwoman’s absence more personally than her ex, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy).

Sophie’s had a tumultuous relationship with Kate over the course of the series, and this episode doesn’t make things any easier. When Kate’s disappearance eventually becomes a public matter, Julia delivers Sophie a letter from Kate’s safe, clearly written as a final goodbye and confession. Sophie has long suspected that Kate and Batwoman are one and the same, and team Batwoman has had to use complex ruses to convince her otherwise. In the letter, Kate finally confirms her secret identity, and notes that while lying to Sophie was extremely hard, she did it out of a desire to keep her safe. She also reveals that she loves Sophie.

It’s unclear when Kate wrote the letter, but clearly, she loved Sophie long after the two went their separate ways — which leaves Sophie in a doubly awful place, because she also harbored feelings for Batwoman.

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