Friday, April 23, 2021

Artist’s 30 Hilarious Relationship Comics With Funny Twists

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What is being in love like? At the risk of sounding way too cheesy, love makes people do things they never thought they’d ever do. Whether that’s using cheesy lines to flirt, going extra to make sure he/she is comfortable and happy, and caring about the smallest things ever.

You remember details they never thought you would, and they buy you things that you only mentioned lightly over breakfast. There’s no story in this world you don’t share. No hoodie is too precious to be worn by her, no face too ugly of hers to have a picture kept for him. There are no secrets, except for what he plans to do on your birthday.

That’s what love is in a nutshell. And just like that, Barmy Chip Witch wants to share her own adorable life stories with her boyfriend in her comics. We know you’re going to love them so much!

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