Saturday, May 8, 2021

Artist Perfectly Illustrates Toxic Relationships In Her ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ Comics

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People show their love differently from each other. It’s so unfortunate that some hurt their partners in the name of ‘love.’ It’s clear to the eyes of people watching that that’s a toxic relationship. But the people involved, especially the victim, often don’t realize that it’s hurting them until they’re neck-deep.

Jean Dolly perfectly illustrates what it’s like to be involved in a toxic relationship. Notably, it’s one that demands their partner to give them all and more, but it’s never enough.

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Somebody I Used To Know: A toxic relationship that continues to take victims.

Jean Dolly’s comics are often based on her own life experience. ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ was one of those. The Amsterdam-based creator had created this comic strip based on what she personally witnessed a friend was doing to her series of boyfriends.

Sharing about herself, Jean, who now lives with a housemate in Amsterdam, is from France. Her mother’s Irish while her father’s Canadian. Her housemate, Famke, is also a childhood friend of hers who speaks Frisian and is frequently featured in her comics.

Jean Dolly has only started sharing her artworks on Instagram a week ago, but she’s been active on Imgur and Reddit. An active member on both platforms, Jean has garnered over 110k points each. As such, if you love her comics, definitely check out her Instagram page to show her some support!


Toxic relationships can be traumatic and break people in different ways. It can be mentally exhausting to handle and get out of. But it is not impossible – the first step to get out of one is to recognize that you are in one. By admitting that you are a victim who needs to escape, you are already taking the first step.

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