Sunday, May 9, 2021

Artist Draws Uncool Sides Of Superheroes In 30 Hilarious Comics

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Superheroes don’t spend 24/7 saving lives. I mean, they’ve got to have their own lives, too, right? At least most of them are humans who deserve the right to personal time off. And when they get old, they want to have even more time in their retirement, just resting and taking things slow.

Superheroes can be uncool as well. They can’t open the cans in the coolest pose ever nor avoid getting stains on their clothes. Chilean cartoonist Karlo Ferdon wants to bring out of the lives of these superheroes. He brings out the hilarity of the lives of superheroes when they’re not beating up the bad guys.



Karlo Ferdon’s comics don’t have dialogues, yet the jokes are conveyed so well in how he draws the characters’ expressions and actions. Check them out, and perhaps you might want to join with 15k other followers on Karlo Ferdon’s comic page.

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