Friday, April 23, 2021

Agnes’ brooch connects to the comics

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For fans of the Marvel comics or anyone who’s read into WandaVision theories, the idea that Agnes is really the comic book character Agatha Harkness isn’t new or surprising. Considering most characters in Marvel projects have a tie to a comic book counterpart, it was surprising when Kathryn Hahn was first announced as joining WandaVision as a random character named Agnes.

In the Marvel comics, Agatha is a powerful witch who becomes a mentor to Wanda in all things magic. She plays a key role in the story of Wanda and Vision’s children, twin boys William and Thomas, and their connection to Mephisto, whom many fans believe will make an appearance in the show at some point. Since Vision is an android, Wanda used her magical powers to conceive her sons, but inadvertently used pieces of Mephisto’s soul to create them. And that’s not a good thing, since Mephisto is based on the demon Mephistopheles and is basically the equivalent of the Devil in Marvel Comics. Agatha is the one who eventually tells Wanda the truth about William and Thomas: They aren’t actually real, and whenever Wanda isn’t thinking about them, they disappear. WandaVision is already beginning to set the stage for some form of this storyline, with the second episode ending with Wanda pregnant.

Looking at the brooch Agnes wears in WandaVision, the tie between Agnes and Agatha is too strong to deny. In the comics, Agatha is always wearing a brooch right at the base of her neck; it’s a signature feature of her look. For Agnes, it’s not much different. She may switch it up and wear the brooch different ways — off to the side at some points and at the base of her neck at others — but just like Agatha, it’s always there.

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