Tuesday, May 11, 2021

9 Stories From People Whose Exes Suddenly Popped Into Their Life Again

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Not every decision we make in life is something we can be fully proud of. But we try not to regret every single decision we make and live with them. We learn to live with them and move on to live our life like moving on from an ex that you’ve broken up with cleanly.

Yet, these exes are not able to move on with theirs. The guys who thought they had the right to cut the women of, then come back to beg for their love again. The kind of guys who deserve to be blocked entirely, but right after you send them the right reply that’ll satisfy your ego.

“My Ex-Boyfriend sent me a picture of his new kittens. He definitely upgraded. Pretty sure they think he’s a tree.”


They cried together.


“You texted me in my dream.” Uh, I don’t… care?


Ex called, great! I can reject you again.


Ex sent me this picture. Gave me the cat, but took it away anyway when we broke up.

Oh, nope. I love my kids.


Uh, no. We broke up.


Well, that sounds like a grown-up thing to do.


She made her feelings clear.


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