Friday, April 23, 2021

4 Wholesome Stories About People Who Make Small Changes For The World

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Ademar Vieira is a comic illustrator whose genre is heavier than most. He also works as a journalist, which allows him to meet people and observe others’ lives from proximity regularly. He is also a screenwriter that influences how he draws comics that are often 15-20 panels long. Realistic, hopeful, and wholesome – that’s how one can describe his stories.

In every story, Ademar tries to convey a life lesson he learned. Whether that’s the story of a man who brought Santa Claus to the poor or the importance of caring for nature, his comics will surely bring you to tears.

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A Christmas story.


This story of a Santa Claus was actually based on a real-life account that Ademar heard. On his day job working for the newspaper, he was asked to write a Santa Claus story, and he initially thought it would be filled with all kinds of jokes and silly things. But there turns up a wholesome story from a Santa Claus from his hometown, Manaus, whom he interviewed.

What really matters.




This comic strip from Ademar is dedicated to all mothers of living things. It was drawn in remembrance of the arson that destroyed the forest of Amazon in Brazil and the Pantanal. Ademar wrote, “It affects us, but not to the same degree that it affects animals.”

“Perhaps, through art, we can put ourselves in their shoes and try to see things from another perspective.”

The Theater.


“I pay tribute to my hometown, Manaus in Brazil,” Ademar wrote for this strip of a boy who dreamed big. “Sometimes, small actions we take can change someone’s life.”

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