Wednesday, February 24, 2021

30 People Who Really ‘Did The Math' And Discovered Some Surprising Things

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Most people don’t like maths – it’s a whole nightmare just to think about the hours you spent memorizing formulas, numbers swirling around in your head. But it’s fun when someone else helps you do the math, like what people do in this subreddit. Not only are they real genius in this, but they also bust some crazy claims that some people thought made sense.

But when handed over a logical explanation in terms of irrefutable math, they shut up. There are also fun maths when it comes to cartoons like Futurama and Spongebob Squarepants. Thanks to these people, we also get to see just how numbers can easily render some opinions, like millennials being too entitled to work and study today, or how billionaires could have contributed to ending poverty and homelessness. It’s a long stretch, but these numbers show us where we can start and that it’s possible.

We hope you can enjoy these without fraying your brain circuits! Please sit back, relax, and let them do the math.

“The turtle is faster.”


“Bezos vs. Metallica”




“So, about all those ‘lazy, entitled’ millennials…”


“Spongebob low-key ripped.”


“Approximately speaking.”


“Have I eaten a full cow?”


Concentration of wealth.


“Sonic the mass baby murderer.”

“Super soaker math.”



Can I really be a billionaire?

“Is this true?”


“Lads, lads, lads…”


“Spongebob goes hard.”


“Do you think I have peed 1 million times in my life?”


“What are the odds of guessing it right?”


“A whale died with 64 lbs of plastic in its stomach. I did the math to put it in perspective.”


“Serving up some math to a Twitter hypocrite.”


The password of the Wi-Fi: π.


“When your barber doesn’t study math.”


“Futurama does the math.”

It was a comeback.


A fair representation of the Sun : Earth ratio.


“Finnish people might not exist…?”


“The force of a carrot falling at terminal velocity.”


“Math break.”


“Jasmine and Aladdin.”


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