Tuesday, May 11, 2021

30 People Random Acts Of Kindness Prove There’s Always Hope For Humanity

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People are showing their true colors during these trying times. But on the other hand, it shows the ones who genuinely care about others. When people are down, our innate nature as social creatures is as clear as daylight. We need each other; we help each other because we’re in this together.

No one in life can survive without relying on others. Many times, we don’t realize it when someone’s act of kindness has helped us. But on the rare occasions that those acts are caught on camera or tape, people share those stories on social media like the subreddit ‘Humans Being Bros.’

There’s always a way to help others. You can start small from around your home and then your neighbors. If being physically helpful is impossible due to your circumstances, you can always head to the internet and find reliable organizations to donate to. If it’s financially impossible for you as well, genuine words of encouragement count as well.

A high-schooler making education enjoyable for kids.


Woman can’t get up from her wheelchair to throw the rose, so she left a note asking for the next stranger’s help to do it for her.


Spread love to neighbors.


“This guy was outside of Walmart tonight.”


“Go Willie!”


“Someone left gifts for the homeless guy sleeping in the park.”


“Driving across the country when my tire popped near KS/CO border. This guy pulled over within 30 seconds and helped me. If you are out there, thank you very much!”


“Where an organization can’t help you, a bro will.”


“Pizza shop owner being a Pizza Bro.”


“The opposite of r/ChoosingBeggars – my wife trying to sell her car.”

“Older gentleman teaches young guy how to tie his tie.”

“A young man sheltering an old lady from hail while crossing the road [Tbilisi, Georgia].”

“I can’t remember ever directly speaking to this person yet they still reached out in my absence. It’s always the little things.”


“An older gentlemen’s electric scooter fell off the trailer at a stoplight. Instead of driving around and honking, everyone threw on their hazards and hopped out to help.”


“It’s the little things.”


“Was reading at a coffee shop and saw this guy looking up vet services for an injured sparrow he had just found.”

“Thank you to these sweethearts!”


“My husband shared a story from work today and I couldn’t be prouder to have married him. It’s the little things people remember.”


NEVER FORGET: kindness edition.


“Someone drove 10 miles to deliver my purse home 2 days after I lost it. They didn’t take any of the money from it, and didn’t leave a name so I can’t thank them properly. So whoever you are, you are pretty hecking wonderful.”


That one amazing neighbor.


“Went to a Starbucks drive thru and the car in front of me paid for my order and told the worker to give this to me.”


“On the back door to a restaurant.”


He was conscious of himself!


“Pizza place delivers… on pizza and jokes.”


“Only in Australia.”


Some heroes wear gloves and carry shovels with them.


“Handing out drinks to construction workers.”

“Sign in Dallas.”


“A minor example, but someone marked which button would silence the ads on the gas pump.”


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