Tuesday, May 11, 2021

30 Pareidolia Moments That Gave People The Creeps

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It’s cool to see pareidolia take form before us without being staged. Our brain loves to find familiar shapes, and that is why it’s common to ‘see things.’ No, we’re not talking about the visions of a sixth sense. Pareidolia is when your brain associates something you see with a shape that you are familiar with.

For example, when three holes are arranged in a way, you might see a face on fruits or other surfaces. Taking pictures from a certain angle can also produce this effect and even cause uproars from time to time.

You see things – but that’s not bad by any stretch. It just means your brain is trying to figure out the visual cues sent to the brain to help you familiarize yourself with a sight. Although it ends up giving you the creeps, pareidolia is just one among many phenomena that continue to impress scientists.

“Cat formed by cracks above my light switch.”


“I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl.”


Is that really a good news?


“My coffee art today is a cat letting off an atomic bomb.”


“There’s a Sid on my sister’s floor.”


Time to get a hold of yourself.


“The way my ice pack is defrosting looks like a polar bear.”


“This rock that looks like a severed head.”


“The pattern on my dogs chest looks like a cat mid sneeze.”


“Best eggplant ever.”


“This Jalapeño looks like a T-Rex.”


“Donald Trump found in a dog’s ear.”


“My brain MRI looks like the Grinch.”


“The steam from this coffee looks like a triumphant ghost.”


“The piece of paper that is frozen to the back of my fridge looks like a wiener dog.”


“My potato looks like it’s trying to escape itself.”


“This blob of hand cream I squeezed on my hand looks like a kitten.”


“Sometimes Mother Nature can be creepy. (Chesaning, MI)”

Jennifer Yanik Hall

“Sun’s reflection on my drinking glass creates Bart Simpson’s skull.”


“Whilst walking into a kitchen I saw this guy.”


Where’d the man go?


“After my 17th near-heart-attack, I realized- I really need to move my lamp.”


This laughing gourd.

Ms. Piggy having her hair day.


“Accidentally created a porcupine by pouring instant coffee over an Americano.”


“I thought this gourd looked like a snail.”


“I have this trunk knot on a tree in my backyard that I always thought looked like a regency era couple kissing. Today, I decided to bring them to life.”


“This tree looks like ‘Swamp Thing.’”


“Turtle with a reflection that resembles a face of a man.”


“Woke up and discovered my wife moved our coat stand yesterday.”


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