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30 Interesting Movie Details That You Probably Won't Ever Be Noticed

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Are you really a fan of something if you notice that you’ve only seen the Easter eggs mentioned here for the first time? Well, that’s what the movie fans shared in the ‘Movie Details’ subreddit. It’s filled with interesting details and facts as well as behind-the-scenes stories of some movies. They add to the depth of the story and the production process of your favorite movies.

More than two million people share interesting facts about both new and old movies. Following through this subreddit shows just how much the actors, actresses, directors, and all staff involved poured into the movies they worked on. Many of these facts are from interviews of the actors; others were facts fans found out after watching them more than once.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Men in Black’ – which one surprised you the most?

Parasite (2019)


“The trash can in the Park’s house costs $2,300 in real life. Bong Joon Ho chose it because it doesn’t make any noise and opens very smoothly. Still, he was baffled by the cost, saying: ‘What the f**k? What kind of idiot would buy a trash can that’s going to smell anyway?'”

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007)


“Dumbledore’s Army: All the girls are wearing skirts except Ginny (3rd from left) who is wearing pants; probably a hand-me-down from her brothers. (Good going costume department)”

Interstellar (2014)


“The black hole was so scientifically accurate it took approximately 100 hours to render each frame in the physics and VFX engine. Meaning every second you see took approximately 100 days to render the final copy.”

Knives Out (2019)


“K. Callan, who plays Great Nana Wanetta, is actually six years younger than Christopher Plummer, who plays her son Harlan.”

Moana (2016)


“During the song “We Know the Way” none of the people have tattoos. It’s not until after they find their island home that we see characters with tattoos. This is because they never had the resources to figure out a tattoo technique while they were traveling.”

Mulan (1998)


“Mulan’s horse Khan, is a Ferghana horse, a classical Chinese breed. On the other hand, Shan Yu’s horse is a Mongolian Horse, one of the original horse breeds, small, but incredibly strong.”

Troy (2004)

“Brad Pitt and Eric Bana did not use stunt doubles for their epic duel. They made a gentleman’s agreement to pay for every accidental hit. $50 for each light hit, $100 for each hard blow. Pitt ended up paying Bana $750. Bana didn’t owe Pitt anything.”

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)


“Actor Mackenzie Crook had to wear two contact lenses on top of one another to portray his character’s wooden eye. He said: ‘It’s uncomfortable… but not painful. And it helps the character because, without it, I’m just any other pirate.'”

Deadpool 2 (2018)


“Noticed a certain Supreme Court justice’s headshot in the squad interview scene. None other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg in consideration for a spot on X-Force.”

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)


“In order to prevent the twist of Vader being Luke’s father being spoiled, the line written in the script and spoken during filming was “Obi-Wan killed your father”, with it later dubbed over. Of the main cast, only Mark Hamill was informed before release.”

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


“Bruce did not wear a mask during the masked ball scene. This is because he considers Batman as his true identity and “Bruce Wayne” as his disguise in public. When Selina asked him “Who are you pretending to be? ” he replied “Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire”.”

The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)


“The script for Sean Bean’s Council of Elrond speech was rewritten the night before filming. Bean taped his lines to his knee so he could read them when needed. Some of the character’s frustrated expressions in the scene are actually the actor glancing at his lines.”

Maleficent (2014)


“Young Aurora was played by Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne. The 5-year-old got the part because she was the only child who wasn’t terrified of Jolie in her Maleficent makeup. Several other younger children auditioned and wouldn’t go near her.”

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)


“Lucius Malfoy slaps Draco’s hand onto his cane. Jason Isaacs didn’t know there were small fangs on the top, so Tom Felton’s pain was genuine.”

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005)


“Charlie’s father works at the Smilex toothpaste factory. Smylex was the name of the poisonous gas created by The Joker in Batman (1989), also directed by Tim Burton.”

Rango (2011)


“Actors actually performed just like in a live movie and this was later referenced by Animators in animating the film.”

12 Years A Slave (2013)


“Michael Fassbender had his makeup artist paint his mustache and beard with alcohol so that the other actors would react naturally to the smell, making them uncomfortable around him whilst shooting scenes.”

Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975)


“Michael Palin came up with the idea to use coconuts because the film couldn’t afford to use actual horses.”

The Matrix (1999)


“The way Neo and Morpheus attack each other with the same move, their clothes and head/hair form the Ying-Yang Symbol.”

Men in Black (1997)


“The language these aliens speak together is ‘Huttese’, the language Jabba the Hutt speaks in the Star Wars films.”

Billy Madison (1995), Happy Gilmore (1996), The Waterboy (1998), Little Nicky (2000), Pixels (2015), & Hubie Halloween (2020)


“Adam Sandler’s love interests in all these movies have a double-V character names.”

Kingpin (1996)


“Bill Murray plays the infamous pro-bowler, Ernie McCracken. In addition to improvising nearly all of his lines, Murray actually bowled three strikes in a row on camera to a live audience in one take. Their thunderous applause was real.”

The Incredibles (2004)


“Director Brad Bird wanted to give Dash a realistic out-of-breath voice in certain scenes, so he made actor Spencer Fox run four laps around the Pixar studio until he got tired.”

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011)


“One of the Giants weapons, in the Battle of Hogwarts, is a broken Quidditch Goal Post.”

The Truman Show (1998)


“The old ladies watching the show are wearing the same robe as Meryl because everything in The Truman Show is for sale.”

The Wizard Oz (1939)


“For her contribution, Terry the dog (Toto) earned $125 per week, while the actors playing the Munchkins were given just $50 a week.”

American Psycho (2000)


“Willem Dafoe (Detective Kimball) acted each meeting with Bateman 3 ways in 3 different takes: 1. He knew Bateman was the killer, 2. He only suspected Bateman was the killer, 3. He did not suspect Bateman. These clips were later spliced together to keep the audience guessing.”

Scream (1996)


“Whilst filming, Drew Barrymore accidentally called 911 for real several times. The prop master had forgotten to unplug the phone before filming. Barrymore would call, scream, and hang up. In the middle of one take, the police rang back in confusion to ask why they kept calling.”

Event Horizon (1997)


“Sam Neill requested that the Union Jack on an Australian flag patch should be replaced with an aboriginal flag; the way he thought it’d look in 2047.”

Rocky (1976)


“When he runs through the Italian marketplace, the people’s amused expressions as they look on is genuine, as they had no idea why a man was running back and forth being followed by a van. The man who throws him the orange was completely improvised.”

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