Saturday, February 27, 2021

30 Hilariously Creative Christmas Trees People Have Ever Made

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People are never short of surprising and resourceful ways of decorating the Christmas tree. The trend is shifting towards creative shapes and materials for the Christmas tree. Some people use books; some even come with a more abstract concept that focuses on the silhouette, creating a rather elegant and ethereal look.

Some went full-nerd mode on and made a portal for the tree, while others use recycled materials. The best part of these creative Christmas trees would be how they don’t always cost a lot to do. All it takes is to take a look around you to get the materials to build the trees.

Don’t forget the virtual trees because that’s where most of us would be spending our time!

“My kind of Christmas tree.”


“This year’s surrealist Christmas Tree in Vilnius, Lithuania has just been lit.”


“I added paperclip candy canes to my festive RAM Christmas tree.”


“Christmas tree without a tree, so Mr. Beast won’t be upset.”


“A buddy of mine put this up as his Christmas tree.”




“I used prismarine and invisible item frames to make a small scale Christmas tree.”


“Made a space-themed Christmas tree this year.”


“Someone bought a 20 foot tree and cut it in half for Christmas.”


“Christmas tree is ready with a flaming t-rex on top.”


“My Christmas Tree. Created in my backyard using a plastic hockey stick, a flashlight and a sparkler.”


Alternative, hanging Christmas tree.


“My wife and I don’t agree on how to decorate a tree. 4 years ago we started this as a joke and it is still going strong.”


“Made our own Christmas tree where we are deployed.”


“My family designed and made a gingerbread Christmas tree. The numbers say “Christmas Tree” in binary.”


“My office Christmas Tree portal version.”


“Green Christmas Tree from recycled plastic drinking bottles and a recycled glass star.”


Rustic style.

“Christmas tree at local sheriff’s office.”


“This tree that the art center in my home town put up.”


“My lab has a new Christmas tree…”


“I work at a tech company, this is our Christmas tree.”


“Our slightly different Christmas tree…”


“Unique Christmas tree. Vegetable art.”


“Christmas tree at a public library.”


“Really tall Christmas tree in our neighborhood…”


“Festive Christmas tree out of sandbags.”


“I made an IT Christmas tree out of monitors.”


“My living succulent Christmas tree.”


“UFO Christmas tree.”


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