Wednesday, April 14, 2021

30 Hilariously Crappy Wildlife Photography That Really Deserve Their Own Awards

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It can take tens, hundreds, and maybe even thousands of tries for a photographer to get one beautiful shot. It is also true that photographers often have deleted those thousands of pictures once they get home. Isn’t it a shame, though, because we know how good some ‘bad’ pictures actually are?

That’s why groups like ‘Crap Wildlife Photography’ on Facebook exists. There are a special place for the worse, most awkward wildlife pictures, and people will appreciate them for how they are. The group currently has over 400k members who enjoy the hilarious content shared by photographers worldwide.

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“The time I took a picture of two American Goldfinches through a window screen and it came out looking like a cross stitch.”

Ana Maria Vasconez

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”

Emma Atticus Harper

“From Vancouver, the bird was parked on the hood of my car, shot at F16. Giving lots of depth of field. Scary!”

AP Hovasse

“Just an alligator and turtle eating spaghetti together. Yes, they had a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment. Mont Belvieu, Texas.”

Amber Rose

“Spotted this guy while delivering parcels down on the Beachfront Community. C A M O F L A G E.”

Freya Hogan

“We broadcast the possum signal only in the most dire of garbage emergencies.”

Amy Fisher Rosaaen-McDonald

“My teenage son went to the coast. I asked to see the pictures he took, and this was literally it.”

Rachel Heffington Pross

“Bottoms up! Might get this one printed on a canvas.”

Ellen Hickey

“The majestic blacktail deer. “Play catch,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.”

Taylor Borth

“Behold, the majestic red-tailed hawk.”

Michelle Bartelheimer

“Posted this on a bird-watching group thinking it was a cracking photo. Not a single person liked it at all. Must be crappier than I thought.”

Rachel Balding

“Heard a noise at the door, thinking it was the friend raccoon I’d seen a few times this week. Got my phone camera ready. However, I opened the door and saw this.”

Lulis Leal

“Just a couple of vultures in the hospital courtyard. Nothing to worry about.”

Hami Sayyadioskoie

“Scary little egret from Egypt.”

Doaa Belal Abdelhamed

“We decided to go with a less traditional tree topper this year.”

Brandi Rose

“I knew there were raccoons in the tree, but I couldn’t see what they were doing until the flash came on and the pictures came out…”

Lindsay Sletten

“Found the most majestic anemone on the beach the other night. It reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…”

Steph Renaud


Beth Perry

“What is your problem?!”

Jonica Palmer

“Was supposed to be a pelican.”

Emma McAleese

“I’m new to this group, does this count?”

Mary Findley

“Spent about 25 minutes slowly crawling on my stomach through frozen mud on a cold winter’s morning, lining up the perfect shot for the last exposure on my analog camera. After standing majestically for the entire time I was crawling, the second I take the shot it looks directly at me, and lets out the loudest burp I’ve ever heard.”

Sebastian Stern

“No outside light on when I got home. Cursed husband for leaving pipe I tripped over on path to the front door. Husband insisted on denying any pipe, so I turned the outside light on to prove him wrong…”

Cindy Lane

“I was photographing a penguin, put the telephoto lens on and it waddled over to stand less than a meter away. So all I could get in the frame was its foot.”

Steve Ransome

“Aggressive geese.”

Ki Choi

Note: Bucks shed their antlers and grow a new pair every year, so this guy will only have to look like a dork for a few months.

“My friend’s cat, Bailey, escaped. So, I set up a trail cam. He was hangin’ with da big boys in the backyard.”

Joie Mattioli

“From a couple years ago while checking wood duck boxes for work. This lil’ thing and its friends jumped out (nested in the boxes for the winter) and freaked me out. I didn’t want it crawling up inside my pants. My co-worker found it and took a picture of posterior posterity.”

Shasta Slade

“If 2020 was an eagle:”

David Chang

Update: Hawk is fine.

“What an unusual bird on my deck this morning!”

Ann Marie Jacobson

“Behold, my favorite *crap* wildlife photo thus far.”

Autumn Schrock

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