Wednesday, April 14, 2021

30 Hilarious Times People Badly Missed The Joke

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There are times when we fail to get jokes, and it happens. You were probably preoccupied or too tired to get what was being implied. Some people take things at face value, and we can’t really blame them when they show a rather docile reaction when seeing jokes like this.

But there’s a precious percentage of those who don’t get the jokes, who also decided to be straightforward. Apparently, they let the jokes get over them and thought they were smart. It is just so apparent that it’s everyone else but them who get what’s going on here. The fact that these people assume everyone else operates on half a brain cell is pretty hilarious.

But without them, the r/woooosh subreddit won’t be alive and thriving. We have to thank them for considering themselves a little better than everyone else, right?

We only wish for them to become better people.

“You don’t say?”

This one friend.

“We’ve been fooled.”

“Would of never guessed mate.”


“The rare double whammy.”


“An oldie but a goldie.”


“YEs, yOu WEre oBVioUslY tHe OnlY oNE tHAt nOtiCEd.”

“Instagram people.”


“That guy must’ve hard time getting laid.”


Reading Japanese is easy.

“That meat…”

She needs Karensurance.


“Same way all submarines do.”


“Facebook never disappoints.”


“Wow, didn’t know that’s how it’s spelled.”


“Maybe it only shows on iPhone.”

“This is a drum set…”


“Microwave sounds.”


“You’re wrong my friend.”


“How do you not see the sarcasm?!”

“It’s healthy.”


“No, they’re definitely different.”

“Standing still.”

“How could you forget?”


“She’s 0 for 2.”

“Wooooshing a rage comic in 2020.”

“Was digging into some of my old comments. Very disappointed.”

“Cars, Laws, Signs”


“He didn’t buy the app.”


“Yeah, this is definitely bunk.”


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